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Full Length Book Projects

As the literary landscape shifts and changes, there remains strong demand for quality content and full-length books. While many think the trend in today's world is toward smaller, faster, and a more instant reality than ever, consumers still love the experience of being fully immersed in a good book. Books entertain and educate us - and they so often inspire us.

Full length book projects take many shapes and forms. Perhaps your manuscript is book-ready and you need to bring it to your readership in print and e-book format. Maybe you have a rough manuscript and a dream to help others through your written work.

David has worked with a myriad of authors successfully bringing their books to readers worldwide.

For more information, please contact David today. He'll let you know in no-nonsense terms what can be done to bring your book to life.

Editing Services 

Developmental Editing
Developmental editing helps you to develop your project from an initial concept or draft. Suggestions about content and presentation are made, and suggestions about additional topics for you to consider are presented.

Substantive Editing
Substantive editing occurs once you have a full text. He will help you get your book into its final form, which may involve reordering or rewriting segments of it to improve readability, clarity, or accuracy.

Copyediting work with your text happens when it is in final or nearly final form. Each sentence is read carefully, seeking to fix all errors of spelling, punctuation, capitalization, grammar, and word usage while preserving your meaning and voice. With your permission, rewrites of tangled sentences or alternate wording can help refine your text.

Articles for Periodical Publication

Periodical literature (also called a periodical publication or simply a periodical) is a published work that appears in a new edition on a regular schedule.

David's first periodical piece, a short health-related article, was published in Spry Living Magazine in 2007 and distributed to over 22 million homes in the US.

Since that initial piece, David has written for periodicals that include both 2014 and 2016 releases of Chicken Soup for the Soul book series as well as other regional and statewide periodical publications.

From technology articles to a wide range of health and wellness topics, he can produce literarily content that compliments your periodical publication.


One of the not-so-hidden secrets to building an audience for your blog is to publish new content with regularity. And while this may sound like simple common sense, the most common reason for a blog's failure to thrive is the inability to keep content fresh and vibrant.

The heartbeat of a blog stops when content is not added with regularity. From current events to world affairs, to a wide range of health and wellness topics, his work has been read by thousands of readers over the years.

If you need blog content that is on point, timely and consistent, look no further. 


By definition, a ghostwriter is a writer who authors books, manuscripts, screenplays, scripts, articles, blog posts, stories, reports, whitepapers, or other texts that are officially credited to another person.

Working with David as your ghostwriter, he is able to bring your book to successful publication, no matter where you now stand with your project. Better still, you share the cover credits with no one. You are the only one accredited with the publication of your book.

If you have questions about the ghostwriting process, call 888-245-8760. David will take the time to get a real feel for where you are in the writing process and will make direct, forward-moving recommendations that will bring your book to the public. 

Cover Design Services

We've all heard that old adage that you can't judge a book by its cover. While this may be true, a well-developed cover image has traction in the Amazon marketplace.

As readers are presented with hundreds of possible titles at their fingertips, you want a cover that will catch their eye and compel a reader to learn more about your title.

He has been offering cover design services for over a decade. In addition to book cover design, if you have a magazine, a periodical, an occasional newsletter or just about anything requiring a bit of design prowess, he can create a look and feel that will speak to your target audience. 

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