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Getting Published on Amazon

Never has there been a better time to get published. Over the last few years, the largest upheaval since the Guttenberg Press has hit the publishing marketplace and most avid readers don't even know it.

Years ago, getting your book published involved a tedious and time consuming process that took most writers years. And in the vast majority of cases, the most of writers never saw their book in print.

Amazon has revolutionized the Author/Publisher model of direct book sales. Gone is the need for an agent, no long book proposals needed, and you get 100% of the book royalties. Amazon has essentially cut out the middleman.

David has worked with other emerging writers, writers just like you, in getting their written work published on Amazon. Your book will be available in both paperback as well as Amazon Kindle e-book format for readers worldwide.

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"The writer is the engineer of the human soul."
~Joseph Stalin

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